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Get New Reviews

With NextGenReview, collecting reviews from your customers is seamless. NextGenReview integrates with your mobile contacts for text or email review requests in bulk and will soon support CRM integrations to connect to all of your contacts.


Simply check them in on a desktop or mobile device. NextGenReview automatically sends a review request to your client’s cell phone, scoring you new reviews for your business directly on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zillow & more!

Microsite - Your Own Webpage

Build your Microsite – a webpage all of your own (available in select plans) and showcase your work, team and more. We will pull all the reviews you have received across all the channels you have connected and display it. What’s more, it includes a completely do-it-yourself style setup that will get you up and running in 5 minutes flat! Your clients can leave new reviews for you and new leads can contact you directly from your page. You can also mention your specialties and areas of operation so only the relevant leads come your way.

Here’s all the details on the Microsite


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Automatically Share Reviews

You can share the awesome reviews that you receive – automatically! Just connect your social networking platforms of Facebook, Twitter or even your professional network of LinkedIn. You can also choose to control which of your channels reviews would be shared automatically and which ones won’t. You can also control the reviews that would be getting shared (by default only the 4 and 5-star reviews would be shared).

Negative Review Alerts

Don’t learn about negative reviews months later or lose a deal or client due to the fact of a potential misunderstanding. NextGen Review sends you alert notifications in the app so you can address issues before they escalate, turning frustrations into happy customer experiences.


Most companies would be surprised, but more than half the time you catch a bad review and have a chance to chat with the client that left it, you will have them write a positive review on how you helped. Prospective customers who are reading reviews about how a business made a wrong right resonates and will go a long way in shifting that prospect towards your product or service.

negative review alerts
rank high on google

Rank High On Google

NextGenReview aims to help you build an SEO-optimized ranking increase by showcasing all your reviews from all locations, along with your current and updated business contact information.


This constant stream of fresh, organic content which will boost your search ranking even further. Customers will easily find your site when searching for reviews of your business or industry.

NextGen Review

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Know What Every Customer Says

NextGenReview aggregates your reviews from all the top sites on the backend so you can easily monitor and manage what your customers are saying about you — in real-time!


Simply keep your app notifications on and see the reviews as they come in so you can thank past clients for their feedback.

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Be Found Everywhere

With NextGenReview, your business is found by Google, Yahoo, Bing and all major search engines showcasing accurate, up to date information on the sites that matter most to your prospective customers.


Our current review sites include:







Angie’s List


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