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You asked and we listened! And now we have delivered!


The application that has helped you monitor reviews and maintain a good flow of customers now gives you a webpage all of your own! Starting today, you can now set up and configure your very own Microsite!

A Microsite helps your business’ information displayed to your existing customers and potential clients. It shows what they need to know easily including information such as the services your business offers, other customers’ opinion of your business and areas your business operates in. If any visitor is interested in doing business with you, they can even leave a request for an appointment.

Setting up your Microsite is simple and a one-time activity. Once you’re setup, the good reviews that you receive will do all the talking.

Instructions for setting up a NextGen Review Microsite:

Setting up the Microsite is as easy as pie

Configuring your Microsite: Clicking on the Microsite option in the left side menu, reveals the configuration page.

User Name: To get started off, enter a Username. Based on the username, your Microsite’s address is created.

Banner Image: You can upload a banner image of your choice, it could be the poster of your business or firm or anything else that you fancy! Images of size 1600 by 200 pixels are best suited for displaying on your Microsite.

About me: Enter text here that best describes you, your team and your business. Use this space judiciously taking care you are providing enough details but not too much.

Area of Operation: In order to let customers know where your business operates, fill out the localities in “Area of Operations” starting with your primary area. If you operate in more than one area, you can add them all one after another.

Specialties: Mention your areas of expertise in this field so you’re leads are more relevant.

Contact Information: List out your Contact information, so that the customers can get in touch with you.

Microsite URL: When you are done configuring your microsite you can share the URL given at the top of the page to either existing customers or your social media page to extend the reach of your business.

View Site: Click on the View Site button when you’re done configuring it to see how it looks. If something does not look right, you can always come back and make the necessary change. Don’t forget to click on the Save button to see the changes you have made on your website!